RHB is a Malaysian banking group

For this project 7 Peaks Software liaised with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and the RHB Digital transformation teams.

As part of RHB Banking Group’s digital transformation they wanted to focus on improving their mortgage application journey. Their current process was time consuming and included many manual steps with lots of paperwork and scheduled visits to RHB stores. The proposed solution was a mobile application that would allow users to register and submit documents to RHB directly through the app via a step by step guided process.

The challenge

The main challenge was going to be capturing the documents via a mobile device camera. Submitting an application requires users to submit several types of document depending on their profile type. Documents submitted need clearly visible dates and names as well as being a certain image quality.

The process had to be simple, informative and clear enough to keep users engaged, whilst also providing feedback on documents when errors had been made.

There are lots of potential pain point areas for users to dropout in this challenge. We learnt from questionnaire research that many scenarios ended in users simply ringing the bank to ask for help which was a last resort.

The solution

The result allows users to spend as much time gathering, preparing and uploading their documents before actually submitting the application. Two main submission requirements were divided into ‘personal details’ and ‘documents’. Each of these sections are broken into sub requirements and again at an individual document level.

The interface is explicit in asking the user which document to submit. When asking for the last three months pay slips the interface specifically quotes March, April and May in different upload spaces. Once a document is uploaded a thumbnail is shown. When a section is completed the sub labels on section buttons change ‘1 of 3 completed’.

Taking this direct approach textually and visually is also carried forward into the post submission stage when feedback is given to documents with errors. Icons are used to highlight the problem documents and feedback comments are left.

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