PT Flow

All you need for your training to be a success.


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Cloud solution



All you need to know as a PT, at one single dashboard. When do you have your next session? Who is it with? What did you do last time, and did you take any notes? How long is my break between my sessions? What is planned for tomorrow? How many sessions do I have this week?


Synchronise your PT Flow-calendar with iCal to get maximum control! Get instant overview of what´s going on, when it takes place, and book clients whenever it suits you! Your clients will receive an invitation through email with essential information about the session, so they know when to show up.

Workout programs

Create new workout programs in seconds, all stored in one place! You can also easily send programs in PDF to your clients, or print them. Enter your clients results directly in the app during sessions and make notes for improvement.


Complete overview and simple navigation between all exercises. Use our default exercise database, or easily create your own exercises in no-time!


Get complete overview of all your clients. Each client has its own client card with all the relevant information, important notes, progression of previous, upcoming, and cancelled sessions.

Personal settings

Make your working day easier by stating your availability, standard length of sessions, rest between sessions, breaks, and holidays. Gather essential reports and statistics, print or receive them in an excel sheet or PDF through email.

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