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Saving lives with IoT

One in four middle-aged (45-65 years) people may develop atrial fibrillation (AFib / AF). AF is a quivering or irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) that can lead to blood clots, stroke, heart failure and other asheart-related complications. It is a major cause of stroke.

People in the target group can now use AppSens heart sensor and mobile app to record ECG data and share their vitals to a specialist for review.

The challenge

AppSens came to us to help them to build and deploy a solution ready for clinical trial and later commercialization. Main challenges we identified were to provide a simple and intuitive onboarding and app design tailored for the target group and technically to secure system communications using the FHIR standard for health care data exchange and ECG decoding and interoperability using the ISO 22077 standard.

The solution

The solution we built consists of three parts:

  • Native Android and iOS apps to help patients seamlessly pair with the heart sensors and record their ECG data
  • Website where specialists can log in and inspect the patient data
  • Application middle layer to handle the communication between the Smile server (HL7 FHIR-Based Clinical Data Repository). FHIR is a standard from HL7. This is a standard for health care data exchange. 

Some highlights of solution are:

  • Easy registration and authentication using Firebase (Phone number and OTP)
  • Seamless step-by-step device pairing and onboarding experience
  • Storing Mfer and RR record files from the sensor on the device
  • Transformation and preparation for transmission from the app to the back-end service
  • Advanced graphing and playback of ECG data on the website

With estimates ranging as high as 75 billion IoT devices worldwide in 2025 we are looking forward to bringing a multitude of data points to life in the application layer.

Doctor Web Portal

Patient record access and customised report segments for analysis and sharing.

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7 Peaks Software

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