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May 15, 2020

Leading a remote team

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Written by Sireetorn Sethapanee

Managing your remote team 

The pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 has affected everybody across the globe, causing many people to start working from home and quickly adapt to remote working. The question is, how do we ensure the same productivity and avoid having communication barriers within your remote team? Also, as working distances may not affect the working processes, how would a team lead manage this?

remote team 7 Peaks blog

Daily stand-ups

Daily stand-ups, also known as daily scrums, are a great way to stay updated with vital information and keep in touch with the team. Team leads need to set up the stand-up meetings to get an overview of their remote team and to understand the workflow in order to come up with ways to ensure project success. 


communicating effectively during covid-19

Have one-on-one meetings

The team leads should have a one-on-one meeting with team members individually to hear each of their personal feedback during the time that they are working from home. This activity engages the remote team to stay in touch with their supervisors. If any employee has an issue, the team leads will gain a better understanding through this meeting and help them solve the remote team member’s problems much more efficiently.


remote team 7 Peaks blog

Be on time

The most important point while working from home is to be on time and stay available during working hours. Remote team members either have to communicate and contact each other as soon as any issues occur or contact the supervisor when they need help. Failing to follow this will increase the chances of work processes coming to a stop due to that person being unresponsive by not answering the phone or disappearing in meetings. Moreover, submitting the projects or tasks on time is very important to avoid delay in delivering your work to clients or other teams.

remote team 7 Peaks blog

Leverage the right tools

There are many online tools available to help teams have real-time communication such as sharing files, meeting and managing tasks. I highly recommend some useful tools in this article here. These tools will help remote team leads and team members have more efficient work processes as well as understand the overview of project statuses.

It’s worth noting that many occupations and companies are new to the work-from-home model. Companies need to offer great support by providing the right tools for work-from-home use and help guide their employees with a remote-working policy. Human resource (HR) managers should be the person who actively responds to all questions and engages people to make sure that everyone is all on the same page during this crisis.

remote team 7 Peaks blog

Build trust

Team leads have to trust your team members, and not micromanage them whilst working from home due to possibly being afraid that they may not concentrate at work. The remote team leads need to issue honest feedback about team performances during this period to understand and solves any issues needed. This honest feedback does not mean you are judging or tracking their work but means that you would like to understand them better and put yourself in their shoes.

The COVID-19 pandemic is expanding and changing our daily lives, meaning that we have to adapt ourselves to ensure survival as a priority during this time. I know that this situation is not healthy to everyone but it is changing our behavior to work remotely. Twitter has recently announced that all employees at Twitter are allowed to work from home ‘forever’. This was announced by Jack Dorsey who is the current CEO at Twitter (source: The Guardian).

remote team 7 Peaks blog
“You have to believe in your team and communicate with them more often. If the remote team can contribute productively by working from home, we may have to change the work model in the near future so that the employees will have work-life-balance and be happy to work.”

– Sireetorn, Senior Talent Acquisition at 7 Peaks Software

remote team 7 Peaks blog

Next: read about our Dedicated Team model and how this model has helped us successfully lead remote teams below.

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” 

– John C. Maxwell

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