Angular Meetup 2019

Written by Bo Pedersen

Tue, 30 Jul 2019

7 Peaks Software Angular Meetup was a success and it was even bigger than ever. That time our Angular seminar was about Angular 8 with 6 speakers, including our special guest speaker from Google Developer Expert, Jecelyn Yeen!

We discussed what’s new in Angular 8 including the new effective CLI API, which helps to improve the developer experience. Witaya JJ Tospitakkul, developer at Odds, talked about RxJS streams handling (as it should be) for Padawan. The Angular meetup also went go through subjecting state to good behavior and how to build NG-MY websites with Performance, SEO and CICD in mind.

See or download the slides here .

Angular 8 is the newest version on the block, and comes with the effective CLI API, helping make developers experience better. Offering differential loading support for modern browser, and faster loading, and also includes Ivy renderer tree-shaking for a smaller website.

See all the speakers at Angular 2019

See you at our next Angular Meetup

Stay tuned to get information about 7 Peaks Software’s next Angular meetup and our ticket announcement. We have limit seats at our Angular events to make them more personal which resulted in a sold out event during the first day of announcement of tickets.

Angular Meetup July 2019

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