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Articles, Internship

Hi! My name is Alina. I came from Russia to get a bachelor’s degree in marketing at Stamford International University in Bangkok. After I finished my classes I had to take an internship to complete my degree and build my CV. I chose 7 Peaks Software to be my first job because it’s international, English-friendly and a modern company. They provide the 7 Peaks Accelerate program where they mentor young people (interns and juniors) and raise a new generation of the digital world.

Internship at 7 Peaks Software gave me a lot of challenges. To successfully market a software company, you must be familiar with the basic programming process, software technologies, and overall company’s workflow. 7 Peaks uses agile approach which represents the process of team collaboration, continual learning, and continual planning, instead of delivering results all at once near the end. I find it a quite progressive way of thinking and acting that carves your mindset which is about transparency, constantly getting feedback, people, and interaction. Personally, 7 Peaks’ agile workflow helped me to adapt at the beginning when I joined the company. I instantly got into the process by participating in a daily meeting which was not only marketing, but branding, recruitment, and developers’ meetups. My supervisor has assigned tasks to me in Trello since the first day where the workflow was divided into the three basic stages: “To Do”, “In Progress”, and “Done”. It allows a supervisor to track the work and give me instant feedback. I like that the tasks are specific and short which helps you to complete it faster and see your own progress.

Challenges are always open at 7 Peaks not only for an intern, but for the employees as well. That’s when collaboration and continual interaction come to help. 7 Peaks operates with the different departments: recruitment team, marketing team, developers (iOS, Android, Cloud teams etc.). So, when you’re from the marketing department, it might be complicated to understand coding or software technology, but at 7 Peaks everyone learns from each other which helps to overcome many challenges due to lack of knowledge and experience in software development. I can freely have a chat with any developer, I learn from designers, I’m even getting experience in the recruitment department by cooperating with them while doing marketing. I often see people help each other, code together and share professional experiences over coffee. It’s especially valuable because 7 Peaks has already welcomed 17 different nationalities that makes knowledge and cultural sharing even more exciting and precious.

Learning digital marketing for me at 7 Peaks is also about interaction and direct mentoring. My supervisor, Bo, marketing professional from Denmark, treats me as a full member of the team always supporting me during the day. I take part in the whole process of the marketing plan including social media, events, advertising campaigns. All work that I do is counted and used to contribute to the marketing goals. I don’t do testing or trial tasks, everything is for use that gives me more responsibility and motivation to work and learn.

The most valuable asset in 7 Peaks is people. I was really inspired by the process of collaboration and sharing between employees with different cultural and professional backgrounds.

My workflow focuses not only on completing a task, but also on learning

My workflow focuses not only on completing a task, but also on learning that, I believe, is the major point of taking an internship. So, whenever I face any difficulties in the task, I always have time to get into details, do research, talk to my supervisor or other employees, or postpone until I find an inspiration to complete it. Not strict deadlines, no pressure and possibility to get help from anyone in the office including CEO helps me to overcome challenges and grow.

Learning and working for 7 Peaks is about enjoying.

Learning and working for 7 Peaks is about enjoying. When I studied at the university, I got really bored with uninspired lectures and exams which made me feel insecure. For me, studying in a real working environment is the best solution to level up my skills while I’m having a great time with open-minded people and challenging projects, and when I always feel supported and helpful. I will definitely recommend taking an internship at 7 Peaks to my graduating friends. Not that many companies in Thailand are able to provide foreign students with an international experience, mentoring and favourable environment for learning and building your CV overseas.

Thank you, 7 Peaks, for being my first working place to gain experience, meet wonderful people and spend 3 months with joy and wonder. I wish you more inspired and motivated interns who will bring you luck and the best results!

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