May 7, 2020

Adapting to remote working

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Written by Sireetorn Sethapanee

The rise of remote working

COVID-19 has spread rapidly throughout the world and, as a result, people have been forced to stay at home. All employees have to work from home and keep social distancing from one another. Some employees aren’t happy because they argue that ‘home’ is not a place to be productive, some people even said that they have to work constantly, all day, due to having to be available at all times. I personally talked to a  few people and found out that many of these people all have the same issues. I then came up with the solutions to help them succeed working remotely.

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Find space

Search for the best area that supports you to work longer hours, the area can be inside or outside of your house. If you have limited space and are living with many family members, you may need to work in a quiet space with headphones on to help you concentrate better which would help contribute to more effective work. 


remote working 7 Peaks blog covid-19

Separate working hours from personal hours

To avoid burning out from working at home, you would need to schedule tasks properly and break-down your work schedule clearly. You will need to stay disciplined during working hours in order to stay connected with others. Daily check-ins with your team is also important so that you can keep each other updated about work progression, doing this will allow your colleagues to understand your working hours and not contact you in personal hours except in urgent cases.

remote working 7 Peaks blog covid-19

Have strong communication with others

This situation may be a great time for introverts but it is a hard time for most extroverts who highly enjoy talking with with colleagues; especially employees who always need supervision from their supervisor; as in most cases they may struggle to work individually without a plan. You need to find a platform to have good internal communications to stay in touch with others and delegate work to make sure work is done efficiently – just as you would whilst working in the office. Everybody has to be available during working hours to respond to chats or to answer phone calls in any case this will decrease the barrier of working distance as long as employees stay connected to each other. Zoom, Slack and Google Hangouts are some of the best platforms to have video conferences – also enabling sharing of screens to help make communicating more clearly. 

It’s worth noting that many occupations and companies are new to the work from home model. Companies need to offer great support by providing the right tools for work-at-home use and help guide their employees with a remote-working policy. The HR manager should be the person who actively responds to all questions and engages people to make sure that everyone is all on the same page during this crisis.

remote working 7 Peaks blog covid-19


Will companies switch to working remotely after COVID-19?

On March 2020, Boston Consulting Group estimated there were up to 300 million employees working remotely or from home across the globe. During late April 2020, this figure may already be higher, with more than four billion people globally experiencing a form of lock down or curfew.

The adoption of working remotely is a reactive move due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This transition to working form home was not just necessary, but in many cases became mandatory.

This vast transition was the cause of many challenges for many organisations – as not everyone had suitable equipment or tools ready to adapt to working virtually. New working habits also needed to be formed at the same too. 

As of now, remote working has begun to mature, as it is supported by the adoption of technology thus helping make remote work possible.

Every crisis comes with an opportunity, and we may as well all start to recognize the potential of working from home that it will be a key business consideration post-COVID-19 as companies are already upgrading remote working as part of their operations.

That does not mean the traditional office space is set to become a thing of the past, though.

Remote working simply suits some functions better than others. Customer care can be readily provided remotely with the right IT infrastructure. Remote automobile repairs or hair saloons, on the other hand, are definitely a long way off yet.

This may all depend on just how long and how much the crisis evolves. It may be a smart move to anticipate a model where remote practice is embraced as part of a flexible working arrangement for organisations.

This could include job roles that adopt part-time work at home alongside regular office attendance, for example. Measures like this will complement the traditional office space, but not entirely replace it.

The short-term transition to remote working has been a revolution driven by COVID-19.

The long-term adoption of remote working moving forward is likely to inspire a gradual evolution in how we use our offices.

Office density may well fall for some organisations, but only for those who embrace the dynamic “hot-desking model.”

COVID-19 triggered this revolution. It is now up to the organisations to steer the office-space evolution to follow.

Next: read our 10 tips to succeed while working from home during COVID-19 below.

“In times like these, the human spirit and human support is what will make all of us come out on top.” – The team at 7 Peaks Software

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