What we offer

We’ve built 7 Peaks to be an all encompassing experience, we achieve this by bringing everything in house and training our teams on what matters most to you, this helps us engineer the right solution to your every business need.


“Find the value & design the value.”

Working closely with clients and teams to perform essential Discovery workshopsIA validation methods, user testing sessions and usability checklists and rapidly protoyping solutions.

Application development

“Native iOS & Android apps and responsive web applications.”

Combining over 10 years experience in mobile app, front-end & backend development, utilising progressive technology to provide reliable, fast & engaging user experiences.

Cloud solutions

“Scalable, security and high-performance with .NET & Azure”

More than 8 years experience of building .NET based enterprise solutions, quick lightweight mobile and web backends, to business-critical banking and finance solutions.

We build technologies that are preferred

by enterprises and growth startups


User Experience

Utilising our UX expertise, we create products that are user-centric and able to provide a seamless experience that aligns with your business needs.

User Interface

Displaying your product the right way is as important as the data behind it, ensuring that we match the right audience is crucial.



Viewing websites on mobile devices is essential in modern day, we curate the right technologies to make it feel as good on a mobile.


No product or system is complete without a backend that is lightweight, responsive to your requirements and build to run at optimal performance.

Cloud Solutions


Modernize your customers experience with a unified digital application management.

Business Strategy

We believe that understanding your business in order to assist in making the right changes in order to pivot and scale is key to every successful business.


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